Canavan Associates (CA) focuses on the intersection of people, systems, and technology providing professional services to the non-profit, government, and private sectors. Specializations include HMIS, disaster planning, information security, and project access for diverse communities. CA began in 2003, initially working with social service systems. CA has managed the implementation of human service data systems that produce metrics that allow stakeholders to measure effectiveness.


Along with several other prime contractors under HUD, CA helped develop the National Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) Technical Assistance Project, which successfully evaluated over 300 communities' implementations of large data systems. Following an intensive response effort to Hurricane Katrina in 2005-2006, Fran Ledger joined Canavan Associates as a Senior Analyst, bringing her field-tested expertise as a Social Worker, in New Orleans, to the CA team.


Recent successes include the following:


  • CA facilitated the planning and implementation of the first HMIS in Canada with the Calgary Homeless Foundation, facilitating all aspects of the project including building community consensus, data security, stakeholder involvement, and on-site staff training.

  • CA produced the “Equal Access for Transgender People” report to assist communities to comply with the 2012 Equal Access Rule and to better support homeless LGBT youth and adults.

  • CA provided disaster response technical assistance for the Baton Rouge flooding and Hurricane Matthew.


CA continues to be an authorized HUD TA Provider with an established reputation for developing HMIS policy, effective CoC management, and integrating social service systems into disaster response.

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